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What is the relation of a bee and economy?

The term economy refers to expenses and earnings, which secure the livelihood of the human entity. However, nowadays, the striving for mere monetary success is no longer adequate. There is much more, which has to be taken into consideration! What happens, if you think further and incorporate human beings into the system? How can you make use of human senses in order to achieve a balance of economy to other vital areas? How can economy become sustainable? Aesthetics is the key, we consider. But even further we take ecological and social sustainability into account referring to everything we do. This includes the use of yields we earn. We extent sustainability by the factor » esthetical leadership and reach holistic conceptions.

Economy is vitalized by a reasonable correlation of nature, labour, spirit and capital. Our spirit supports our further development and a vital being. The spirit is part of human nature in a holistic sense. A holistical way, which has been looked at as human threesome by Rudolf Steiner. It consists of eagle (element: air), lion (element: earth) and taurus or cow (living on the earth surface).

Bees wax as example for economical balance
Bees and bees wax are essential resources of our subsidiary company » Stockmar. What happens if there is an insufficient quantity of bees wax? In consequence, Stockmar does not receive the necessary ingredients at the same quality level for its products, such as wax crayon. Prices augment due to higher demands.

Stockmar cooperates with agriculturists and beekeepers. Together, we look at what we can do to improve the situation. Which quality is inevitable for Stockmar? What can Stockmar do in order to counteract the lack of high quality bees wax?

Of course, economical representatives are interested in agriculture to be prosperous and well-functioning. However, not just any agriculture but the biological-dynamical agriculture. It depends on the spirit of the quality. Stockman, and therefore Neuguss, is very interested in this partnership and fruitful cooperation. It is the only way to achieve a sustainable balance and holistical adjustment.

Bees are a perfect example for the above. How do bees communicate and how to they interact within their community? If the distance from the source of nurture to the bees hive is about 90 meters, the bee moves in a specific, dance alike way. This dance is done in an upright way alongside the beehive. Bees are living in communities. Can we find an impulse in this creature with respects to a holisitcal approach?

[Peter Piechotta – from his seminar for the economical meeting at the Agricultural Section, Goetheanum, April 2014]