Points of view & thoughts

Executive Management à la NEUGUSS

For the second time already, 17 executive Neuguss managers met for a workshop on leadership topics. The location, a town close to Kaltenkirchen was predestined since it allowed for an impressive tour through the Neuguss enterprise STOCKMAR. The STOCKMAR managers were eager to receive positive feedback after the tour. Some of the reflections pinpointed aspects to be improved with regard to some operational potential. It revealed, once again, the fact, that an external, unprejudiced opinion can be supportive.

The Neuguss spirit

During the seminar of the major questions has been "What are the characteristics and unique features of the Neuguss enterprise? What are specific intersections among the participating entities?" How can the positive values within the Neuguss be transformed and communicated to the public? We experienced a thrilling process in which all participants - stemming from seven unique Neuguss enterprises – exchanged their values seeking for a common sense. A process, which will be continued in 2019.

Open dialogue with a heap of empathy

One of the most impressive facts, was the open and sincere dialogue during the seminar. Some smaller groups continued deliberately until late in order to find adequate solutions and support with respect to a management challenge.

The participants invited Peter Piechotta for a "Dialogue with a stakeholder". The Dialogue was characterised by a respectful, open and critical viewpoint. It represented the seminars highlight.

In order not only focus on Leadership, but also to experience the practical side of it, the participants underwent a challenging “outdoor leadership” task. During this task, volunteers were able to proof their reaction in a special situation. The feedback revealed the criteria which leadership in such situations implies. Some of the participants were relieved to only experience the situation as employee’s role.

Further, the topic "employment motivation" has been part of the seminar, concentrating on the questions: How can I to detect my counterparts needs? Which aspects are prior and what is his or her motivation for specific action? How can leaders interfere in order to liberate the energies or, at least, to not prevent them?

Due to the fact that more topics of interest evolved, a follow up seminar will be planned in 2019.