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Added Value Podcast #1 Neuguss – Werteorientierte Unternehmen übergeben
(german language)

Benjamin Hohlmann talks to Irene Reifenhäuser and Andrea Valdinoci about the possibilities of Enterprises to create content, which exceeds mere values.

Questions and topics

The first episode focusses on some big questions Benjamin Hohlmann and Irene Reifenhäuser discuss.

"How can transitional processes be gestaltet, if a share holder is about to leave the enterprise? How can employees and the aim of an enterprise be seucred for future endeveaours? Which types of ownership are suitable for the future in order to empower enterprises to serve social tasks (oder besser: to cope with social challenges) To whom do enterprises belong to – to the share holder or to the the client? Which tasks / responsibilities does a company or enterprise have? We depict alternative money circulation and how money can be transferred into non-profit projects." (Benjamin Hohlmann)

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Added Value Podcast #1 Neuguss - Werteorientierte Unternehmen übergeben