Points of view & thoughts

Neuwerder farm estate

The farm estate Neuwerder is located in the Havelland district near Rhinow and has been owned by Neuguss for many years. The farm is run according to the Demeter guidelines and produces vegetables and organic meat.

A lot has changed on the farm since it was taken over by the Koch family in 2016. Currently, about 500 sheep are kept and dams are grazed with them. The original cattle breeding could be doubled to 40 cows and also the pig herd was further extended. In addition to the farm area of approx. 35 ha, about 40 ha have been leased in the meantime, a further 40 ha are in prospect - a very pleasing development.

Holidays and leisure on the farm. The new coat of paint can also be seen from the outside.

Not only the facade of the farmhouse has got a new colour, but also the farm concept. Of course, this also includes a selection of fresh, tasty and healthy food from our own production available in the farm shop. For holiday guests who want to actively experience life on the farm, there is an adjacent apartment in the main house, a second apartment is planned.

Through the initiative of the Koch family, a local history association was founded in the village, which organises neighbourly help, is dedicated to coming to terms with the history of the village and, among other things, organises festivals.

In addition to the Koch family, there is currently another permanent employee on site. Mr. Koch is also a forester and lumberjack with his own harvester machines. In the future, it may be possible to include curative education elements, as Mrs Koch has a corresponding education.

A visit to Neuwerder is definitely worthwhile.