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Neuguss under new management

Martin Timmermann introduces himself

Farmer and agricultural engineer, entrepreneur in the profit and non-profit sector: since March 2020 Martin Timmermann has been the new managing director of Neuguss Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, taking over the position of Peter Haasler in the company’s management.

As founder and entrepreneur, I was amazed to see what is possible when everyone - from the managing directors, the employees, the customers to the suppliers - works together. Martin Timmermann

A good cooperation - whether in the business or non-profit sector - is associated with a feeling of ease, correctness and trust. Money and capital are only one expression of this.

A new culture of doing business first of all means building good relationships, relationships that are enjoyable, that meet the demands of the economy, ecology and social issues and that can also carry through difficult times. As managing director of Neuguss, Martin Timmermann would like to help develop these new forms of business.