OLOID Solution GmbH

Location:Leipzig, Germany

Branch:Environmental technique for water treatment, with emphasise on purification plants, composting plants, horticulture and lake restauration
Agitator technology for industrial applications in the food sector (e. g. : breweries) incl. process engineering consulting and optimization



By using the revolutionary OLOID-technology we make a contribution to environmental protection and energy saving in various markets every day. True to the motto of the Neuguss ‘we operate differently’ we can say: we mix differently!" Eric Schieblich, Managing Director

The particular form of the oloid inherits many potentials, which are continuously discovered. Nowadays, the Inversion technique stresses the highly efficient homogenisation of fluids. Using an OLOID Type 600 (equal to 500 Watt) enables the agitation of one third of the previously consumed energy, referring to about 25.000 m³ of water. The result is a plethora of possibilities such as energy reduction as well as the self-sufficient use of solar modules. Additionally, water quality is increased.