Hans Stockmar GmbH & Co. KG

Location: Kaltenkirchen, Germany

Branch: Colours and products for the education and arts sector

Employees: 27

We use selected raw materials for the quality of our products, which we use in a measured manner. STOCKMAR Products are safe for human health, animal health and the environment. Inke Kruse, Managing Director

STOCKMAR Products have been developed from the demands of a dedicated teaching staff for a new quality of teaching materials. The ecological and social sustainability of all processes – from the raw material to the production to the supply chain – is part of our DNA. We want to support a humane development not only through our products, but rather through our entrepreneurial actions as a whole. Like all companies in the Neuguss Group, STOCKMAR therefore puts its profits back at the service of social efficiency. For a sustainable economy, society and education. This is how we set impulses for the future out of tradition.